The 17th of March is a day that’s celebrated with passion, pride and just a few of whatever takes your fancy, and St Patrick’s Day is celebrated right around the world, like no other patron saints day ever could be. The Irish have travelled far and wide and the St Paddy’s Day celebrations have of course been taken with them, and in every corner of the globe you’ll find more than just a few people to party the day away with. But what makes St Patrick’s Day so special and why is it celebrated with such energy? We’re sure you haven’t come here for a history lesson, so we’ll keep it to the point, and we’ll start by telling you that, contrary to popular belief, St Patrick wasn’t even Irish!

In AD 387 there was a young Patrick who was caught by Irish Pagans just south of Hadrian’s Wall in Britain, which was at the time part of the Roman Empire. Although not living in the best of circumstances in Ireland he loved the Irish, and even when after 6 years, he managed to escape, he knew that he’d one day return. After studying at many monasteries he eventually became first a priest, then a bishop and was in fact sent back to Ireland by Pope Celestine I. Patrick set about his work of spreading Christianity and in less than 30 years the first cathedral in Ireland was built, in Armagh. Under his leadership the religion grew and as his time drew to a close he wrote the story of his life: The Confession of St Patrick. He died in AD 461 and is buried in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland…was that brief enough?

Today St Patrick’s Day is different to most other Saints days in that although it is of course the day of St Patrick, it’s also a day of celebration of Irish culture and identity; and everyone who has just a milligram of Irish blood, an Irish friend, has once been to the Emerald Isle, or even simply enjoys a party will tend to get involved.

St Patrick’s Day is of course a huge deal in Australia, and the large amount of Irish Australians means that it’s celebrated in some style. Every major Australian city and town has a large Irish population and on March 17th the green beer and the Guinness will most definitely be flowing. It’s estimated that there around 2.5 million Irish nationals that now call Australia home, and while it’s a long way from where they came from, we have a feeling they’re enjoying their new Australian lifestyle.

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