Hobart’s burgeoning arts and culture winter attractions are quickly taking people’s breaths away, perfectly complementing a huge lottery win in the Australian Superdraw lotto to keep your blood flowing in the cool winter nights that few other ways can!

Winter in Hobart is for more than just locals now, or South Islanders, as Tasmanians joke. The hugely successful Dark MOFO art and music festival is growing and growing – just like the incredible Superdraw that’s about to burst at A$22 million – in only its third year. And with your giant lottery winnings, you could take in the offbeat festival in style!

Orchestrated by the Tasmanian capital’s acclaimed Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Dark MOFO, 12-22 June, is the gothic-like winter drawcard to counter the more vanilla yet hugely successful MONA Festival Of Music and Art (MONA FOMA, or MOFO for short).

Dark MOFO may have begun as a risky concept, but the idea has paid off and this year’s draw is expected to bring in around 150,000 visitors, filling hotels, pubs and theatres to capacity.

The festival began with an elaborate fire organ art installation at Hobart’s popular Dark Park, the festival’s central hub located near the city’s famous waterpark.

And just imagine docking in your yacht at one of the world’s most beautiful harbours in the Southwest Pacific Ocean to witness flames engulfing from the enormous spectacle of large organs towards the sky.

Some events remained under wraps until the last minute, such as Blacklist, a late-night dance that sold out quickly and conflated the subversive and the comfortable with the surrealist atmosphere it created, incorporating faux-art displays into the underground, word-of-mouth success.

Eclectic musical acts, ranging from The Preatures to Gareth Liddiard add to the bill, and a five-day feast complete with steampunk, Mad Max-inspired public grills will feed thousands of people local artisan meats.

A permanent public fixture erected by Mexico’s Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Art Tower, is cementing a fascinated following. At 117 meters tall, the soaring light tower consists of eight skyward-facing beams whose lights flash in tandem with the heartbeats of those holding electrodes at its base.

But it’s this confluence of body, technology, and art that is really showcasing Dark MOFO’s blend of futurism with the bizarre, the sensual with the surreal.

And it has drawn new blood into the city that otherwise sees its pique tourism during the summer months.

So what better way to experience the most unique of a storied city such as Hobart than by hitting your lucky numbers on draw night for the Australian Superdraw?

But hurry, time is almost up! The draw deadline for the enormous A$22-million Australian Superdraw is literally hours away! Have a chat with a customer-service agent today, and you could experience the best of Hobart’s winter mysteries in luxurious flair.

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