Imagine strolling through the tranquil fields for a winery tour during the calm Australian autumn while enjoying curated live music and an expertly prepared outdoor long-table luncheon in rural New South Wales, as the breeze of the nearby Wollombi Brook pond grazes your back. Talk about living the jackpot life!

June is Wine and Food Month in the Hunter Valley, and you could experience the best of Australia’s wine culture with a huge win on the Australian Superdraw. The next special draw has just been announced with a jackpot worth a cool A$21 million! Better get that wine palate of yours ready.

The Hunter Valley, in New South Wales’ Hunter Region just north of Sydney, prides itself as one of Australia’s and the world’s most famed wine regions, with roots dating back roughly two centuries. And the locals sure know how to share the beauty and bounties of their land, playing as hard as they work.

The month-long celebration of food and drink has something for everyone that nevertheless just soaks in easier after the joy of striking your lucky lotto numbers.

There’s more to the Hunter Valley Wine and Food Month than just Shiraz-swishing and grape-eating, of course.

Experiential events make all the difference for this unique occasion. The aptly named Vintage Golf Club offers a relaxing round of the gentlemanly pastime surrounded by some of the area’s wineries with paired “course wine and food” tastings. Because there are few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon in June than hitting the greens with a glass of Chardonnay in hand1

Catered musical, live-entertainment and luncheon services also come alive in Broke and Wollombi Villages for romantic early evenings or days out with the kids.

The area’s scrumptious cuisine packs its own punch as one of the draw’s defining features. The Food Fight event might not be as dirty as it sounds but it is just as playful, not to mention delicious! Six local chefs compete in a six-meal showdown hosted by celebrity chef Matt Kemp in conjunction with the Hunter Culinary Association. Another highlight, hosted by the widely acclaimed Margan Winery and Restaurant, sees them team up with local artisans for a dairy, salt and butter masterclass luncheon, the Salt and Pepe Roadshow!

The delicious wine, of course, remains the star of the Hunter Valley Wine and Food Month celebrations. Several wineries are taking part to present the very best of their vineyards, paired with food and expert consultations through a combination of tastings and tours.

All of these events spread out over a month are certainly worth their grapes in gold. The extravagance of indulging in the eminence of the Hunter Valley is understandably coupled with price tags in the hundreds of dollars for many of these spectacles.

Fortunately the Australian Superdraw is here to help make your wine and food dreams a reality!

The rush of checking results on draw night could soon be followed by weeks of adventure in the serene Hunter Valley. So snag your tickets early to guarantee your shot at the good life!

Playing the Australian Superdraw online, with an astounding jackpot of A$21 million to be claimed, has never been easier. Have a chat with a customer-service agent today, and that world-famous, freshly cultivated Australian wine could soon be in your hands at the source.

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