Tasty treats can come at a price!

Living isn’t cheap nowadays and a fair proportion of our income goes on the basics of food and drink; however the amount we’re spending on dining out has risen fast over the last few years, especially in Australia’s major cities. For many foodies there’s nothing like being pampered in an upmarket eatery. While the majority of us will gladly settle for something special on occasion, those with the extra cash like to live it up a little, and in Australia there’s no shortage of places to do so!

Stroll around the streets of Sydney on any given weekend and you’ll see throngs of people off for an evening out, and those with sufficient spends have a myriad of expensive restaurants that are ready to cater to their every need. Here we’ll take a quick look at some of the finer, or at least some of the more expensive locations where for the majority of us, a win of the Australian lottery would probably be required for us to take a seat!

Let’s start with the famous Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney, a place that doesn’t sound too pricey at all – it’s a bar and grill! Rockpool is however no ordinary bar and grill as this award-winning establishment serves up delicious Mishima sirloins from the only herd outside of Japan, and at $190 for a 350-gram cut, it’s a little on the pricey side indeed – and that’s without the sides!

That’s pennies however when compared to the braised abalone with webbing from ducks feet at the ultra high-end Silks Cantonese Restaurant, which will set you back $138 per 100 grams, or $425 for Astral’s 50 grams of farmed sevruga caviar. But you do get stunning harbour views and sublime service too!

You’ll of course need something to wash it down with and should you be dining at Chinatown’s Waitan and fancy treating your dining party to something a little special, then there’s the Hennessy X.O Mathusalem at $50,000 a bottle! It’s not the world’s most expensive drink by a long shot, but it’s certainly out of the price range for the majority of us. Finish the evening off with a Harana Chocolate Bag at $299 to enjoy on your way home – at those prices we’d expect it served to us in the back of a Maybach Limousine, at the very least!

There are few people in the world who can afford such dining luxury on the regular and even once in a blue moon is out of the question for almost all of us. Should you have a taste for the expensive then a win on the next Australian Superdraw with a guaranteed jackpot of $21 million would provide you with enough cash to take your seat at any table that you’d like. That draw takes place on 9 May and getting involved with AILA is simple, swift, and safe. So join in online to play  or speak to an AILA agent, and that endless stream of five-star restaurants could soon be within your reach!

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