It’s the middle of winter right now here in Oz but we think that’s the best time of year to explore Australia. The mild season, the vast terrain and the cool yet bustling streets offer such a fantastic variety to one of the greatest countries in the world!

Just think – you can explore it all with a huge win on the exclusive Australian Superdraw lottery for an astounding A$21 million! With that lotto win, you can effortlessly enjoy the best of what all six of Australia’s mainland regions have to offer!

In honour of this huge jackpot prize, we’re highlighting top amazing things to check out and experience in each of those six areas in what us here at the Australian International Lottery Agency (AILA) are calling the Round-the-Down-Under with the Australian Superdraw!


Start off apples with the Brisbane Times Good Food Month in Queensland during the first weekend of August. Land in the east coast at one of Australia’s most vibrant cities and taste amazing cuisines curated by the most talented chefs from Brisbane and around the world.

The hit food festival, now following up its impressive rookie year, is hosting special events for all meals of the day with dozens of participating bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as unique night noodle markets. Have a “talk and taste” with winemakers and butchers for the best pairings, experience crafty “food and art” interplays and then end your night off with some classic Brizzie wine and cheese!

South Australia

Fly on down to the ever cultural Adelaide, the heart of the south, for an elegant performance of theatre from one of the world’s most respected contemporary playwrights, Nobel Prize-winning author Harold Pinter.

Snag your tickets with your Superdraw lottery win for the State Theatre Company’s production of Pinter’s Betrayal on 4 August during the Adelaide Festival Centre’s annual winter showings of powerful theatre. The intimate shows allow you unprecedented emotive access to this dark tale of love from the witty Pinter.


Take a drive along the amazing southern coast to Melbourne, Victoria and check out that city’s weekly Friday-night Docklands Winter Fireworks on 7 August. Talk about starting your weekend off right and soaking in a prime fireworks show in one of Australia’s most beautiful cities and as mid-trip relaxation!

New South Wales

Time to bring a little sport into the mix and continue your roadtrip along the Bass Strait up to Australia’s largest city, Sydney in New South Wales, for the Netball World Cup!

Sydney is hosting the 2015 international championship tournament for this radically fun and dag variation of basketball popular in Commonwealth countries. Eleven games in total are set to play during the weekend of 8-9 August, so be sure to check out Australia take on Barbados on the Saturday and our arch (uhh…friendly)-rivals New Zealand the following day!

Northern Territory

Next up, fly north – perhaps in your newly-bought private jet with that Superdraw lottery score, to Darwin in the Northern Territory for the 2015 Darwin Festival of local and touring artistic performers of all stripes!

Stay for the whole week to experience the best of one of Australia’s most mysterious capital cities as its musicians, comedians, dancers and artists draw you in to this colourful event.

Western Australia

Last but not least, your Australia tour ends with a bang in the west where the sun sets. Rent a luxury sedan, you millionaire, and feel the breeze as you drive along the Timor Sea to find yourself in the tranquil town of Port Hedland in Western Australia for the much-hyped North West Festival!

The Festie’s organizers are billing this weekend-long music festival, 21-23 August, as a “massive music weekender,” and with lots of all-star acts and fun activities to check out, we think it’s the perfect way to end your Australia stay!


So there it is, your Round-the-Down-Under from us here at AILA. And you can experience it all by playing lotteries online and scoring on the Australia Superdraw.

But hurry, time is almost up! THERE ARE ONLY HOURS LEFT before the ticket deadline for the enormous A$21-million draw so play now! Have a chat with a customer-service agent today, and you could experience all of Australia sooner then you think!

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