Have you ever dreamt of gandering through the gardens along the Sydney harbour with the landscape of the city’s world-iconic Opera House in view and wondered how magnificent it would be to feast upon a luxurious evening of dinner and theatre?

Until 26 April 2015, you can experience Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour’s haunting production of Aida, and if you strike your lucky numbers on the Australian Superdraw lottery, your dream just might come true, as you can now revel in the Opera House’s exclusive Platinum Club Package, valued at hundreds of dollars per person. And, really, is there any other way to fully enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event?

The Handa Opera is the Sydney Opera House’s signature event, a transcendence fit for high-class savants that anyone can enjoy. It is anti-opera for the masses, but with all of the esteem, grandeur and luxury of royalty that you will feel like Princess Aida herself.

And how could you not? The harbour-side, once-a-year outdoor event is a true spectacle which no one should bludge. The fainting breeze of the water, the dizzying scene of the ginormous play unfolding before your eyes and the moon’s romantic light illuminating the reality of your newfound life. It really hits home. Wow, I won the lottery.

But the backdrop is only one part of the story. This year’s showing, Aida, beautifully manifests all of the pride, pomp and circumstance of what Australian opera can offer. The jaw-dropping set design; the intricate costumes; the masterful performances; and the one-of-a-kind narrative, a tragedy of romance in the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt from one of Italy’s preeminent 19th-cenutry librettists, Antonio Ghislanzoni. Dolce!

And Aida couldn’t be more allegorically topical in its entertainment. Its classic military-set love triangle exquisitely contextualizes itself within the political backdrop of modern rumblings in the Egyptian state; the players’ struggle to assert pure love a metaphor of the identity demands of today’s rebels. Juxtaposed with the otherworldly atmosphere of the music and the outdoor stage, it truly is a must-see event.

And with your winnings from the Australian Superdraw, you can experience it in style by indulging in the Sydney Opera House’s $220-a-plate three-course meal to complement the show, which also includes premium wines and exclusive post-performance access to the Opera House’s bar and restaurant.

With the next Australian Superdraw jackpot valued at $21 million, you’ll have all the resources you need for the theatre highlife, including future Handa Opera performances in your many luxurious years to come! Join online to play today or speak with a customer-service agent from the Australian International Lottery Agency (AILA) to make that operatic dream of yours bloom into reality!

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