The team here at AILA like to think of themselves as an open minded bunch of individuals, a group of people that, like most, will listen to or read about the more controversial things in life and take it all on board and digest it for ourselves. Like most of you guys we tend to take most things with a pinch of salt until they’re scientifically proven, and when it comes to picking winning Australian lottery numbers, well, there is no proven way is there? There are a whole load of books, blogs and websites that claim to know the secrets of choosing those elusive numbers, but do any of these theories hold any water? Is it just lotto mumbo jumbo, or is there something more to it than that? We think there’s something more to it, but maybe not in the way you think!

There are many people who are prepared to give lottery books and their lottery theories a test, and we have to say why not if it’s just a little fun and it provides you with a new and different way of enjoying picking your lottery numbers. Taking a shot at a big jackpot is all about having a go, and although no matter how low you think your chances are of hitting a big Superdraw jackpot, there’s still that little voice in the back of your mind that’s saying, “What if?”.

Now as you read this you’re probably thinking, ‘If the writers of these books know how to win the lottery, then why haven’t they won one or two, and why are they writing and selling these books?’ Well, while we can see your point of view, that’s not the whole point, and it goes back again to trying something new, giving something different a shot and having a little lottery fun, and we simply cannot find any fault in that.

If it’s a little light lottery entertainment that you’re after then we say give these crazy ideas a shot, but we wouldn’t suggest relying 100% on a win from your new found way of choosing that weeks lottery numbers. We’re saying have fun in choosing your numbers, and taking a closer look at lottery theories and systems for many players is all part and parcel of playing the game…after all, many of us will have our own little theories, even if we don’t know it.

How many times have you thought about how often a particular number is called, or dropped a number from your usual picks as it never seems to appear? They’re all little lottery theories and systems, all of your very own, you just haven’t written a book about it!

So how do you pick your numbers? House numbers? Dates of birth? Car number plates even? No matter how you pick them the idea is to have a little fun and enjoy, and when playing your online lottery entry, you do what most people do…you cross your fingers, you wish on a lucky star and you dream of hitting the big time and living the lottery winners lifestyle!

So how about picking 6 numbers and dreaming of a massive lottery win when you get involved in the next Australian Superdraw. AILA doesn’t claim to hold the key to mystical lottery success, nor do we promise that if you pick your numbers our own special way that your winning chances improve, but we do have a little internet magic to playing online lottery that involves you simply clicking here and being able to get in on the $21 Million Australian Superdraw draw on the 8th of March within minutes. Now that’s lottery magic!

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