Everybody knows that winning the lottery unlocks a menagerie of experiences at your doorstep, but too many of us are swift to jump to images of pampered extravagance cram full of castles and yachts. What’s the experience there, though?

Many testify surer happiness from their moneys in simply trying new things, reliving their youth, diving into fresh hobbies or seizing the day. And most who hit their lucky digits on that Superdraw lottery ticket quickly learn the benefits of more holistic takes on life; that’s the pleasure of Australian Lotto!

So why not try something a little radical with your newfound freedom and hop on the surf board you’ve been itching to get wet?

Aussies sure take deep pride in their surfing and if you’ve ever wanted to snatch some sun-fun with lots of great action, food and rad times, then you’ve got little time left before summer ends!

The World Surf League’s annual Championship Tour series kicks off in Australia every year at the tail end of the hot season before departing to other gnarly locales. The last of three events hosted down under, the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, ends this 26 April in Margaret River, a little over 260 km south-southwest of Perth.

The town’s fame breathes from their many surf breaks that regularly play home to some of the world’s most popular international surfing tournaments, most notably the Championship Tour. Its big waves, quaint villages and feral milieu offer the ideal fortnight for surfies from all over to kick back, meet boss people, relax and just enjoy life. And isn’t that what winning the lottery is all about?

And the World Surf League means serious business, staking just shy of a cumulative US $800,000 in prize money this year alone. Countless people storm Margaret River for the waves, and the sport’s growing attractiveness cultivates the spectacle of each contest into a truly ethereal event. Bonfires, parties and not to mention serious surfin’ competition really highlight the afternoons and evenings. These competitions are a big deal.

The Margaret River area also boasts a privileged vineyard setting thanks to its humid climate, enviably controlling approximately one-fifth of Australia’s premium wine market despite only contributing a relatively small portion to the nation’s grape-production levels. A favourite joint among the surfies to complement the abundant wine selection in between the waves is El Rio, Western Australia’s preeminent casual Mexican restaurant with a Californian chef, right in the heart of town!

So checking out a new culture for yourself really does expose you to fresh opportunities. Holidaying on over to Margaret River during surf season means you can savour the entertainment of pros fighting for primacy in the intense surfing world, take some time to befriend a mentor to get yourself on the shark biscuit and immerse in the village’s characteristic beauty, charm and nightlife.

Dabbling in some online play and indulging in a little lottery fun with the Australian Superdraw, currently valued at $21 million, could easily net you the leisure life you need to make such an experience a reality! So have a chat with a customer-service agent today and in no time you’ll be saying, “Surf’s up!”

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